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Fire Season Not Over Yet

There may be some rain in the forecast for the foothills and snow above 6 thousand feet, but that does not mean fire season is over.  Cal Fire Nevada Yuba Placer Unit Chief Brad Harris says some of the toughest fires of the season typically happen in the fall and are driven by winds that can build this time of year.  One rain does not reduce that threat. But he says it has been a fairly quiet fire season so far.  Chief Harris explains why he thinks there may be greater fire danger in years ahead.

“My concern is because of the unusually wet weather that we had last year with a large accumulations of snow that we have a lot of snow kill in the elevations between 1500 feet and 5800 feet and those fuels are not going away.”

He says those fuels are just laying on the ground curing and if we have a fire in those areas next year the fuel load could be tremendous in the elevations that are historically hard to suppress fires.

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