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Firefighter Grants

Local fire agencies may get some needed grant funding to hire firefighters through the SAFER Federal Grant. Division Chief of Nevada county consolidated fire department David Ray says Grass Valley, Nevada City and consolidated are working together to compile a list of qualified applicants to fill position is if fund become available.

Hiring firefighters 1

Grass Valley fire has applied for funding for 4 firefighter positions and Nevada city 3 firefighter positions. Chief Ray says there are 3 categories to apply under.

Hiring firefighters 2

Chief Ray says 80 potential firefighters applied to take the test for the 7 positions if grant funding is secured. He says the list is good for one year and he hopes consolidated fire district will be able to use the list should they be able to hire firefighters. The grants have saved 60 firefighter positions in Reno already and the fate of Nevada county’s applications for the SAFER Federal grant funds should be known in June.

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