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Firefighters Escaped Dangerous Flashover in Humpty Dumpty Fire

Fire Officials are saying fire fighters could have lost their lives battling the fire at the Humpty Dumpty Kitchen Saturday evening. Consolidated Fire Chief Tim Fike says an extremely hazardous condition known as a flash-over happened while fire fighters were in the second story of the local eatery.

“Well, when we had the attic flashover, we had crews in the upstairs and yes, there was a concern for their safety. However, we did quickly account for everybody’s safety and everybody evacuated the building safely and we redeployed our tactic.”

The Chief says fire fighters attacked the fire again. This time cutting holes in the walls. The Chief says the fire was found between the two roof structures of the building and the fire grew between the two layers of roof until it flashed over the firefighters. There was no way of knowing of the two spaces until the holes in the wall were cut. The Chief also says crews responded at the same time to a gas leak in the Grass Valley apartments and a wild land fire in North San Juan, severely taxing the fire crews.

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