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Firemen's Fund Grant to Grass Valley Fire

Grass Valley Firefighters have received a $14 thousand dollar heritage grant from the Fireman’s fund and Grass valley’s Network insurance company to pay for new training and safety equipment and Grass Valley Fire station Number 2 on Sierra College Drive hosted a Firefighting demonstration last week for city council members and representatives of the Fireman’s fund.  Part of the grant is paying for training props to create scenarios for firefighters to more safely vent roofs and fight fires in our community.

Grass Valley Mayor, Jan Arbuckle watched the demonstration and commented on how valuable it was for the firemen’s fund and Network insurance companies to see how their grant funds were being utilized.

“I think it’s amazing and it’s nice for them to be able to see just how the grant funds are utilized instead of something that’s superficial, but to actually see how they’re training the firefighters to be safer, more efficient and therefore be better at their jobs of keeping the city safe.”

The grant money will also be used for Knox-boxes. The small safe-like boxes are attached to buildings; they are fire and tamper proof.  The boxes cost about $200 each and can hold about 10 keys, so keys for more than one building could be included. Special lighting will also be purchased to assist firefighters in lighting work areas.

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