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Fires at Homeless Camps Cause Concern for Firefighters.

Fires at homeless camps are causing concern that they may turn into major fires according to fire officials. Consolidated Fire Chief Tim Fike says the have been six reported fire that have gotten out of control at area homeless camps. The Chief says we are approaching the time of year were a fire can spread out of control in a matter of seconds.

“Fortunately, we’ve not had a significant burning condition, so those fires have stayed small. We all know that that is about to change and we will have those north winds and the conditions are dryer and dryer each day.”

The Chief says when fire fighters respond to the reported fires, no one is around or a glimpse of a person running is seen. Chief Fike says he is working with homeless advocates to try and get the word out about the danger. The Chief said the homeless do not read the newspaper or listen to the radio; so current education programs are ineffective.

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