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Firesafe Council Community Outreach

Part of the mission of the Fire Safe council of Nevada County is to reach out to the community about fire safety and the services the organization provides.  Executive Director of the Council, Joanne Drummond was a recent guest speaker to the Kiwanis Club of Grass Valley and told the assembled crowd that fire safety is also affecting the ability for local property owners to obtain Homeowners Insurance.

“Just because our fire severity ratings have changed, they got worse when Calfire reassessed Nevada County. So insurance companies are using that information to make the determination on whether or not they want to carry those houses.”

Drummond says Insurance companies look at how much defensible space a homeowner has around their structure. She says the Fire Safe Council has some tutorials that can help property owners.

“We have several programs. We have an onsite advisory visit program that will send someone out to your property to talk about this tree and that bush as it sits next to your house and then we do also have some online video resources, which are great, that you can just sit with your cup of coffee in your pajamas and spend five minutes to see how it’s supposed to look.”

The Website for the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County is Are You Fire Safe dot com.

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