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FireSafe Council Wins Americorps Top Award

The  Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has won an award for being   “Sponsor of the Year”  after being nominated by two AmeriCorps groups that worked in the county during the past  year. Fire Safe Council Executive Director Joann Drummond says  both crews worked  clearing brush and defensible space for the Fire Safe Council.
click to hear Joanne Drummond

The AmeriCorps class is  made up of 18 to 24 year-olds who enter the 10 month program to earn scholarship money or to pay off existing student loans.   They  spend from 4 to 8 weeks  with each sponsor  and will work with 4 to 5 sponsors throughout their 10 month program.     Drummond says they are hard workers and a pleasure to work with and she is honored by their nomination.

click to hear Joanne Drummond


Drummond says she will be applying for another class of AmeriCorps students to come work in the county again.

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