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Fireworks Future Looks Brighter

All of the numbers aren’t in yet, but it looks like enough people bought tickets to the Fourth of July fireworks show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, to bring it back next year…

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Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cathy Whittlesey says the fireworks themselves cost 10-thousand dollars, and the entire event ran about 45-thousand dollars to put on. Ticket prices were increased this year, and Whittlesey had said that the event was in danger of being discontinued. Next year will be Grass Valley’s turn to host the parade, but Whittlesey says having the parade down Broad Street was certainly an economic benefit to her community…

Listen to Cathy Whittlesey 2

Whittlesey says the economic impact is even better when the July Fourth holiday is part of a three-day weekend, like it was this year.

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