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First Report of West Nile Virus Activity in Nevada County

West Nile Virus has made an appearance in Nevada County…

The first bird to test positive in 2013 was reported to the Public and Environmental Health Departments by the California Department of Public Health. County Public Health Officer, Dr. Ken Cutler says monitoring began in June.
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There have been no human or equine cases to date in Nevada County.
West Nile Virus is spread through mosquito bites and efforts are being undertaken by the County’s Mosquito Control Program to respond to the area where the bird was found.

Dr. Cutler says  fortunately, most people who get infected with West Nile Virus have no symptoms.
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Cutler reminds residents “to take reasonable precautions to avoid mosquito bites.” which he refers to as following the “Ds”
Click here to listen to Dr. Ken Cutler
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For further information on West Nile Virus please see these resources:

California Department of Health – http://www.westnile.ca.gov/     

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – http://www.cdc.gov/westnile/index.html



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