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Five Year Old Survives Pitt Bull Attack

A five year old child has survived an attack by a Pit Bull. Yuba County Sheriff Lieutenant Damon Gil says the attack happened in East Linda on Monday afternoon. The dog got into a neighbor’s back yard where a group of children were playing. Lieutenant Gil says the dog went after a five year old girl. The child received injures to her face and other parts of her body.

“The dog was alleged to have bitten one of the children, a 5 year old in the face and in the arm. When deputies arrived the child was being given first aid by a parent. They had suffered what appeared to be some kind of lacerations or cuts to the face and to the arm. The child was transported to Rideout Hospital for treatment.”

The lieutenant says a person in the home got a small caliber handgun and shot the dog. The Lieutenant says this stopped the attack.

“Initially when the dog was shot, the dog just froze in its place before retreating.”

The neighbor heard the incident and called the dog back. The dog and the child both received treatment for their injuries. The Lieutenant says the child has been released and has returned home. The dog apparently chewed through the fence to get at the children.

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