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Food Bank To Distribute at Condon Park

The Food Bank of Nevada County will be allowed to use the streets around Condon Park to distribute food to the needy once a month, and they won’t have to pay a fee to do it. The Grass Valley City Council approved the request at the meeting Tuesday night. City staff gave permission for the previous two months on a trial basis, and Jennifer Morrill with the Food Bank says it all went very smoothly…

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Without the Council approval, the Food Bank would have to pay a 200-dollar use permit every time they did a food distribution. Morrill says the approval of the waiver is a great help…

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The Food Bank of Nevada County will still have to pay a refundable deposit, estimated at a hundred dollars. The monthly distributions are scheduled for the fourth Tuesday of every month:

9:00 AM Disabled Patrons at;  10:00 AM Patrons with last name beginning with A-L; 11:00 AM for last name M-Z.

Only Food Bank staff is allowed before 9:00 AM.

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