Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Food Challege Day 4

Day 3 Reflection… Hardest day so far… because I spent a lot of time on the road and I am used to stopping at various fast-food and other food establishments between here and San Francisco and back.  (slight menu update for day 3- because of travel skipped breakfast, but had cereal for dessert after dinner).

So here is what remains….

Day 4-  This is what remains after Day 3…

  • 0 apples (started with three)
  • Rice cereal minus four servings (less than half box remaining)
  • 3 oz cheese (started with 8 oz used almost over half for sandwiches and hamburger)
  • milk qt minus four servings for cereal ( I had an extra bowl)
  • bread 6 slices…. Began with 18 slices minus 12 slices for sandwiches and hamburger
  • 16 eggs… added two to hamburger dinner
  • .5  potatoes (minus 1.5 for hamburger dinner and chicken )
  • tuna can
  • peanut butter minus four sandwiches (approx half jar remains)
  • (ground beef .25 lbs) meat- (used .25 for hamburger)
  • (.25 lbs boneless breast) chicken (used .5 for dinner)

Menu Day 4


  • bowl of cereal with milk


  • 2 chicken and cheese sandwiches


  • Pasta and meat

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