Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Food Challenge Day 2

Day 1 Reflection… Meals for Day 1 went pretty much as expected… with two exceptions that were a benefit to me. It was a birthday celebration at work and cold cuts and cupcakes were available to all employees. Also- as part of another work related activity I was offered two slices of pizza. I did not actively seek out these opportunities- they were presented to me. As a result, I did not eat my dinner portion. So here is what remains….

Day 2-  This is what remains after Day 1…

  • 2 apples (started with three)
  • Rice cereal minus one serving
  • 8oz cheese (did not need any for dinner as originally planned)
  • milk qt minus one serving
  • bread 14 slices…. Began with 18 slices minus 4 slices
  • 18 eggs= 2.5
  • 2 potatoes (did not need for dinner as originally planned)
  • tuna can= 1.00
  • peanut butter minus two sandwiches
  • (ground beef .5 lbs) meat- (did not need for dinner as originally planned)
  • (.75 lbs boneless breast) chicken

Menu Day 2


  • bowl of rice cereal with milk


  • two cheese sandwiches
  • apple


  • hamburger with cheese… plus two eggs scambled with meat
  • .5 baked potato



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