Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Food Challenge Day 3

Day 2 Reflection… No surprises today. Altered the menu slightly by adding two eggs to dinner. Lacking vegetables…

So here is what remains….

Day 3-  This is what remains after Day 2…

  • 1 apples (started with three)
  • Rice cereal minus two servings
  • 5 oz cheese (started with 8 oz used almost .5 for sandwiches and hamburger)
  • milk qt minus two servings for cereal
  • bread 11 slices…. Began with 18 slices minus 7 slices for sandwiches and hamburger
  • 16 eggs… added two to hamburger dinner
  • 1.5  potatoes (minus .5 for hamburger dinner)
  • tuna can
  • peanut butter minus two sandwiches
  • (ground beef .25 lbs) meat- (used .25 for hamburger)
  • (.75 lbs boneless breast) chicken

Menu Day 3


  • skipped breakfast


  • 2 peanut butter sandwiches
  • apple


  • chicken (.3 lbs)
  • .5 baked potato
  • 2 bowls of cereal as dessert


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September 18, 2013

Sue Van Son

I am interested as to your thoughts about hunger and poverty as you have taken on this challenge. What a treat to be offered the extra food from work. Food takes on a whole new role in my life when I have to be so thoughtful about what is on sale, portions and trying to creatively make things stretch. Good for you for raising your awareness and hope it prompts you to take action to end hunger if you are not already.

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