Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Food Challenge Week 2 (Days 8-15)

Week 2 Reflection… week two was a challenge as I had a couple of situations that either limited my eating or I was able to take advantage of a “community contribution”.

I ate most of the food I purchased, but was also offered an appetizer and a drink at a bar courtesy a friend. I also attended a wedding on Saturday which included a dinner. However, Friday I was on a “Marine Adventure” and did not eat much for fear of getting seasick.

The temptation to raid the cabinet gets stronger at night. I have not yet faltered at work.

This is what remains after Week 2… I haven’t gone shopping yet for week 3.


  • 8 eggs
  • .5 lbs clean spinach-
  • 2 large potatoes-
  • 16oz dried pasta-
  • 1 can tuna-
  • 1/2 can pasta sauce 24oz



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