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Foote to Answer on All Counts

An alleged child molester is being held to answer on multiple counts of lewd sexual acts on minors in Nevada County.
Superior Court Judge Candace Heidelberger ruled that defendant, Jonathan Scott Foote, be held to answer on all 35 counts of lewd acts on underage victims with special allegations of aggravated circumstances added to most of the counts. Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Ow was pleased with the rulings.
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Foote,-JonathanA preliminary hearing determines whether there is enough evidence to hold a trial. Thursday’s hearing included testimony from one alleged victim that recounted over 20 instances of continual sexual abuse by Foote during his middle and high school years. Evidence also included testimony from law enforcement officers and investigators presenting evidence involving multiple counts on four additional victims. The District Attorney’s office provided sufficient evidence and witness testimony to convince the judge that Foote should be tried on all counts. Foote’s next hearing is scheduled for October 21st. Bail remains at 5 million dollars.

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