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Forest Charter Students Learn About Deer Creek Restoration

Students from Forest Charter School in Nevada City will spend (Tomorrow) Tuesday helping to restore floodplain habitat along Deer Creek. The students will learn from local Niseman Indians, of the area about the types of plants native to the creek. Kelly Hickman the education and restoration coordinator with Sierra Streams Institute formally the Deer Creek conservation group says the students will not only learn about the environment of the creek but also about the Nisinan culture.

“They are talking about their cultural history and kind of their ties to the area as well as really focusing on traditional uses of native plants. They’re bringing plants for the students to try and eat and learn about; recipes that the Niseman used and still used today as well as their cooking methods and they’re learning a little about their hunting methods and gathering methods.”

The event is funded by a grant from the Nature Restoration Trust, collaboration between PG&E and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

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