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Foresthill Base Jumper Rescued

A base jumper was  stuck in a tree  approximately 100 feet off the ground under the Foresthill Bridge in Auburn  from 8:50 last night until  2:30 this morning when he was finally rescued.  The jumper has been identified as 26 year old Raymond Arrieta who lives in Lodi but is from Puerto Rico. Cal Fire’s Daniel Berlant says  the   jumper’s parachute got tangled up in a tall pine.
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The emergency services were mobilized after a 911 call. Given the darkness, a helicopter rescue seemed unlikely.  That’s when  rescue personnel   requested a PG&E boom truck.

Over 15 Cal Fire and Placer County firefighters plus a dozen law enforcement personnel were on scene until 2:05 am when the jumper was finally lowered to the ground in the boom truck’s bucket. The jumper was checked out by paramedics, then  taken to Auburn Faith with minor injuries to his body.  Berlant says Arrieta could be getting a hefty bill from his rescuers.
click to hear Daniel Berlant

After he was cleared from the hospital Arrieta was taken to Placer County Jail for booking on misdemeanor charges of Unsafe Activity in a State Park and Being in the park after hours.  The American River Canyon area below the Foresthill bridge is part of the Auburn State Parks Recreation Area.




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