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Four Hikers, Skier and Dog Saved In Snowstorm

Nevada County Search and Rescue teams were called out on two rescues last weekend after 4 hikers and one skier and his dog got lost in the snow.  Nevada County sheriff’s Search and Rescue coordinator Sam Brown says the first call came in  around 10:30 pm Friday night  when  four hikers, two men and two women,  who were trying to make it to the Peter Grubb Hut in the Castle Peak area  realized they were lost.

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It was snowing heavily at the time but the four hikers  were located and  Search and Rescue teams  led them in to the base camp around 6 o’clock Saturday morning. They did not require medical attention.  Brown says the search team came upon  several people attempting to hike and ski in the dark and snowstorm, and they had to tell them to turn back.

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The second search was for a man and his dog who went ahead of his  group and got lost.

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Searchers used a “Find my I-phone” app to  get coordinates and the man and his dog were found safe.

Brown reminds people who hike or ski the back country to carry the right equipment.

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Brown says If you don’t have a map, compass, and GPS, and know how to use them, you might not get out.

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