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Fourth Plea in Home Invasion Case

The fourth defendant of five involved in a Grass Valley home invasion trial has reached a plea agreement with the District Attorney’s office. 18 year old Tyler Leal pleaded guilty to second degree burglary charges in Nevada County Superior Court Thursday afternoon. Assistant District Attorney Anna Ferguson tells KNCO that Leal who was 17 at the time of the crime is being tried as an adult and will serve time in State prison.

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Ferguson says the agreed upon plea will result in other charges being dismissed, but wants the public to understand that criminals are not being treated lightly.

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The preliminary hearing for the fifth and final defendant in the case, Elliot Roberts, is set for early October.

Click here to listen to Anna Ferguson

Ferguson doesn’t like to make victims relive the event again during testimony, but she feels it is important for the case and for the public; she also believes that the victim will feel better following his testimony and once the trial is complete.

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