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Frankie’s Shooter Gets Sentenced

The man who tied a dog to a tree, shot him in the face, and abandoned him in 2012 is not going unpunished. According to Scooter’s Pals Executive Director, Susan Wallace, was in the courtroom when Judge Mark Curry sentenced defendant Mark “Redneck” Pope.
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According to Wallace, Pope will also have to pay partial restitution of the 10,000 dollars it took to rehabilitate the dog from the gunshot wounds and additional injuries.
The case of “Frankie,” a terrier-cross sparked outrage among animal lovers.
“Frankie” was rescued by campers on Labor Day weekend 2012 after they heard the dog near where they were staying.

“Frankie, was cared for by Scooter’s Pals adoption center in Grass Valley until adopted to nice family in Napa California.

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