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Free Computer Cleanup This Saturday

High School students in Grass Valley are offering free computer checks for people that have computers that are running slower than when first purchased. Many people have older computers that still do what they need to do, but may not be running as well as a few years ago. The Nevada Union HS Technology and Business Club is providing free computer cleanup that could improve your systems performance.
Click here to listen to David Bernadett

Club member David Bernadett says the club members are good, but they may not have all of the answers.

Click here to listen to David Bernadett

Bernadett also says that not every computer can be saved… and with the affordable cost of new computers.. it might be time to replace rather than restore.
Click here to listen to David Bernadett

The Computer Clean Up event is this Saturday at the Madellyn Helling Library from 10 AM to 4 PM. Members hope to service around 40 computers. Any donations will goto support the Nevada Union Technology and Business Club activities. The Club is sponsored by Telestream of Nevada City.

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February 21, 2013

philip treanor

would it be possible to have the students Clean Up computers for Seniors by utilizing the Take Over method of looking into our computers from afar.

I for one would be very gratified if I were aware that these students were making a little money for the school by overseeing the problems I might be having on my Desktop and would be quite happy to donate accordingly.

Yuba City.

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