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Free Showing of Home Alone for Anti-smoking Campaign

The free event “Stomp out Tobacco in Movies” features a showing of “Home Alone” at 3pm Friday December 2nd at the Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley. Felicia Sobonya the Nevada County Tobacco Use Prevention Director says the event helps youth become aware of tobacco advertising in movies, TV and video games designed to make smoking more accepted or even admired by young people.

“The movies, what you see on the screen is not always true and that movie stars, in real life, really don’t smoke all of the time and that a lot of time they get very expensive gifts from the tobacco companies to actually hold a cigarette in their hand and never put it to their mouth.”

Kids will be encouraged to boo and hiss at the sight of smoking and tobacco related advertising in the Christmas movie that is aimed at 11 year olds. Youth opposing the use of tobacco for health coalition and coalition for a drug free Nevada county are cosponsoring Friday’s event in the hope awareness will prevent local youth from dying due to smoking related ills.

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