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Free Suicide Prevention Services Offered

Following the recent suicide of a young woman into the South Yuba River last week, The Spirit Empowerment Center in Nevada County, wants to support friends and family through the grieving process and help community members in identifying the signs of potential suicide. Many people feel helpless after the loss of someone   that in hindsight they may have felt something was wrong or feel that they may have been able to help in some way but did not know what to say or do. Marsha Lanier, Community Outreach Specialist for The Spirit Empowerment Center says talking to someone you think may be showing signs of suicidal tendencies is a good place to begin.

“One of the most difficult things about suicide is that it’s such a taboo. People don’t want to bring it up. There’s a false belief that if you talk about suicide with someone, they’re more likely to commit suicide and that is not the case, actually. It can be a relief to talk about suicide. It can be a way of letting off some steam and a way for a person to realize that there are other options.”

Lanier adds that suicide can be prevented, and the Spirit Center has a number of support groups for those facing mental health challenges, drop in at the center are welcome. The crisis line for the center is 265-5811. For more information you can call 274-1431.

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