Paul Haas

Paul Haas


Fresh Perspectives from a Familiar Face

Though I am new to the KNCO family, I am not new to Nevada County. My family and I have  lived here for over 20 years and my roots in Grass Valley date back to the turn of the 20th Century- my great grandfather was mayor of Grass Valley. (That would be the early 1900s for those of you trying to match the calendar).

My life experiences and professional career have taken me from my youth raised in San Francisco, to a student of the media and education, to a classroom teacher, to a county level administrator and a high school principal.  I have also been the director of a state education technology project. All of this has prepared me to relate to you on a variety of levels and report the news and share stories.

Through all of this I have always wanted to live in Grass Valley- moving is not an option. My most recent positions  required me to commute way too many miles. (My carbon footprint on the planet is probably the size of a small state.) But it was my desire to come home each night to see my family and to participate in as many local activities as possible that kept me going.

The fruits of my labor have paid off. I can step away from my career in education to expand my career in the media. I can focus all of my attention on Nevada County. It is my goal to bring you the stories of our community and relate regional, state, national and international stories to the relevance of our lives. I get to use all of my experiences and skills to bring you news stories; the stories of Nevada County residents, businesses, and organizations; and maybe even a few of my personal stories. Some of you may have “lived” some of my stories. Maybe I was your teacher, or your neighbor, or your customer, or just someone you spent time with in a local establishment.

As we move forward you can think of me as your new friend. Feel free to share your stories. Together WE are Nevada County. It is a privlidge to be part of Rita Stevens’ news team. It is an honor to be part of Tom Fitzsimmon’s KNCO Family.


August 21, 2012

Teresa Lightle

Best of luck Paul I know you will be a great addition to their staff and less traveling! Do the broadcast on the Internet?

August 22, 2012

Gene Arnold

way to go man. many great times spent with you on the road and the trail. Best of luck to you.
Your best friend always,
GO GET'em Paul! :-)

August 22, 2012


And to think I knew you when....

August 23, 2012


Glad to see that your talents will support KNCO. Your experience in life and education give you perspectives that we all will enjoy.

August 27, 2012

Paul Herman

KNCO is lucky to get a very intelligent, witty, and very humorous talented man. He will be an asset to your group!
All the best to you my friend

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