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From Safety Net to Self-Sufficiency

From safety-net to self-sufficiency- that was the message presented by a team of speakers representing the Continuum of Care for Nevada and Placer Counties at Thursday morning’s Economic Resource Council meeting. The Continuum of Care encompasses emergency housing, behavioral and medical health services, public assistance, transitional housing, and permanent housing with the ultimate goal of moving clients to independence. The Nevada County Housing Development Corporation and the County Housing Authority work to provide affordable housing for those in need. The team recognizes that housing alone doesn’t solve the problem if clients do not have the needed support services to increase chances of success.
Executive Director of Nevada County Health and Human Services, Jeff Brown, says once a person or family enters the system his department provides basic medical programs.
Click here to listen to Executive Director, Jeff Brown

Brown’s department also provides public assistance and mental health services.
Click here to listen to Executive Director, Jeff Brown

Not all clients need all services so The Continuum is designed in a way that allows clients to enter the system at any level, then access the appropriate resources and begin to return to self-sufficiency or attain independence for the first time.

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