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Fusshoeller On Her Way Back To Nevada County

Pascale Fusshoeller has been released from federal custody. Immigration Customs Enforcement officials tell KNCO that the YubaNet co-founder was released this morning, but did not provide any details. We just spoke with Fusshoeller’s wife Susan Levitz, who confirms Pascale’s release.
Click here to listen to Susan Levitz

Levitz did not yet want to elaborate on the details of Pascale’s release, but says they will talk about it when they get back to Nevada City. Levitz does want to offer thanks for all the community support.
Click here to listen to Susan Levitz

It’s been one week since Fusshoeller was arrested–giving false identification to the C-H-P after running a stop sign. It was found out then that Fusshoeller has been in the country illegally.


October 15, 2013

Dolly Jaynes

Wonderful news!!!

October 15, 2013

Don Baumgart

I was having a hard time imagining the local news situation without YubaNet. It has been missed the past few days. Welcome back, Pascale, now get to work!

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