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Gas Thefts Reported at Auburn Train Station

Auburn Police are trying to catch the person who has been stealing gas out of vehicles parked at the Amtrak Station in Auburn.  Sgt. Victor Pecoraro says   gas thefts were  reported last Friday and Saturday June 22nd and 23rd and occurred to vehicles parked in the large parking area on Blocker Drive not the parking lot near the passenger loading platform.
click to hear Sgt. Pecoraro

Sgt. Pecoraro  says a surveillance camera caught a suspect in broad daylight carrying a red gas can in one hand and  a power drill in the other. But they need help in identifying the suspect.
click to hear Sgt. Pecoraro

A photo of the suspect can be found with this story on the KNCO.com website.   In both cases the gas tanks appeared to have been drilled in order to obtain the gas.  Sgt. Pecoraro says a  gas tank replacement is estimated at around $450.00 and up per vehicle.

If anyone has any information about the thefts or the identity of the person in the photograph  they are asked to call Auburn Police at 530-823-4234.

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