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German Rotary Exchange Student Retuns to NUHS for Visit

Throughout the years foreign exchange students have been coming to Nevada County through a Rotary National Student Exchange Program, and it’s not often that they get to come back for a visit. But one of those students, Moritz Bruewer from Germany who was at Nevada Union High School in the 2003-2004 school year, got to return last week.
click to hear Moritz Bruewer

Bruewer who is 25 years old now was 17 when he completed his Senior year at Nevada Union, where he was on the Golf Team with coach Hank Davidson, , Cross Country Running team with Coach King and competed in Alpine Skiing with coach Ken Ramirez. Moritz also made a point to visit his Speech and Debate teacher Mr. Brown whom he credits for improving his English and he thanks Rotary International for making the exchange student program possible.
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After leaving Nevada County Moritz returned home to complete his 13th grade as German schooling is one year longer than U.S schools. Then he went on to complete his military service which at the time was mandatory in Germany. Moritz has since attended College in Switzerland and Graduate School at the University of Michigan where he is currently completing his Masters in Accounting and Finance.

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