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“Get Moving” Walk Run Program Starting in Grass Valley

Trkac (Track)  Walk/Run Specialty  Store and the Sierra Trailblazers running club are  presenting  a FREE program to the community called: “Get Moving.”    Trkac co-owner Marc Erickson says the program is now in it’s second year.
Click here to listen to Marc Erickson

Last year they offered the training in three 10 week sessions and it got more and more popular.
Click here to listen to Marc Erickson

Erickson says they  also have  several Track Coaches helping out.  .. Walkers – will learn to walk farther and stronger.  Beginner Runners – will learn how to increase their stamina and distance ‘Safely’ .  5k or 10k Trainees – will learn how to train for their first race!  and Runners – will learn how to safely increase their distance.   Participants are encouraged to pre register by calling the  Trkac – Walking / Running Specialty Store   at 274-4422  or email info@Trkac.com.    The next  10 week session is starting Monday, February 3rd at 6:00 pm at the Nevada Union High School  track.

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