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Gingerbread House Competition

Now is the time for holiday bakers to think about the creation of a magical Gingerbread House to enter into the 6th annual Gingerbread House Competition at the Country Christmas Faire, held November 25 – 27 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. Nevada county Fairgrounds Deputy Manager Robin Houke says you anyone can enter there is only one stipulation.

“Well, it has to be made out of gingerbread, but I’ve seen barns, I’ve seen lighthouses, I’ve seen little sheds, cottages and houses. So it doesn’t have to specifically a house. The requirement is that it has to be gingerbread, unless you’re in some of those special kid categories.”

Those categories allow graham crackers to be used but the entry must be all edible although Houke does not encourage anyone eat these masterpieces.

Competitors may enter any of six categories including kids, adults, families, groups and businesses. Prizes and ribbons abound for adults and kids.

Entry forms must be received at the Fairgrounds by Friday, November 18; the actual gingerbread house entry must be delivered to the Fairgrounds on Tuesday, November 22. All Gingerbread House exhibitors will receive two free passes to the Country Christmas Faire. Entry forms can be picked up at the Fairgrounds office on McCourtney Road.

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