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Glenbrook Home Made Bomb Investigated

Grass Valley Police responded to a report of what looked like a possible homemade explosive device in the parking lot of the Glenbrook shopping center near Staples yesterday morning.  Captain Rex Marks explains what they found on arrival.

“About 9:45 we received a call from Grass Valley Eye Care, 670 Sutton Way in reference to an item in the parking lot, that item being described as some type of a can wrapped in electrical tape.”

Grass Valley Police cordoned off the area and called the nearest department with a bomb squad, which happens to be the placer county sheriff’s explosive ordinance disposal team. They came out with their special trailer and suits and x rayed the can, and then determined it was safe to pick it up and take it away in their special trailer. We still don’t know what exactly it is, but Grass Valley Police Captain, Rex Marks, says the item has been cleared.

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