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Goat and Donkey Reunited; Move to Grass Valley

Grass Valley will be the new home for a now famous goat and his donkey best friend. Both animals, along with several others, were rescued from a hoarder’s home in the Los Angeles area. The goat, named Mr. G, was taken to a sanctuary in Vacaville run by ‘The Animal Place’–headquartered in Grass Valley. Animal Place Executive Director Kim Sturla says Mr. G was very depressed and wouldn’t eat for several days…

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So they went back down to L-A to get ‘Jellybean’, brought the Donkey up to Vacaville with immediate results…

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Sturla says she’s seen behavior in animals like this before. Another example that animals are people too…

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The video has gone viral, and Sturla says it’s amazing to watch….

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The Vacaville facility is for animals that are up for adoption. Sturla says Mr. G and Jellybean will be coming to Grass Valley where they live the rest of their days.

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