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Gold Country Stage Adjusts for Higher Fuel Costs-Increased Ridership

The price at the pump for diesel fuel is exceeding prices for gasoline and that is having an impact on Nevada County’s diesel fueled Public Transit.  Susan Healy-Harmon is the Director of  Telecare and the Gold Country Stage bus services in Nevada County and says she is already adjusting the fuel budget for next year to reflect higher prices but there will be no reductions in service.

“Our buses at Gold Country Stage are diesel and, of course, that’s higher than the gas prices. It’s obviously one of our higher expenses. I can tell you we’re budgeting $140,000 for it.”

Healy Harmon says the last fuel prices peak was in 2008 which lead to more commuters using the bus.

“Back in 2008, when gas was almost $5.00 a gallon, our Route 5 to Auburn skyrocketed. And of course, that’s a long commute for people, if they’re driving down to Auburn to down to Sacramento, so people decided they would use public transit and make their southernmost connections in Auburn.”

 With gas prices expected to hit $5 a gallon by Memorial Day this year, Healy-Harmon says the buses will be there again   for people   inclined to use public transit. 

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