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Gold Country Stage Route and Schedule Changes

The new Gold County Stage Transfer Station in Grass Valley is set to open Monday September 10th. The new facility, located on Tinoly St. behind the Holiday Inn Express will relieve traffic congestion at the old base as well as adding amenities. Gold Country Stage Transit Services Manager, Susan Healy-Harmon thinks drivers and passengers alike will enjoy the new station.

Click here to listen to Susan Healy-Harmon


Healy-Harmon also highlights schedule changes that will also go into effect on Monday beginning with Route 1.

Click to listen to all of the Route Changes (It takes about one minute and forty seconds to hear all of them)


New rider guides are available online at goldcountrystage.com. All drivers carry the new guides on each bus, or you can call Gold County Stage at 477-0103 x 0.

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