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Governor Releases Budget Proposal

Governor Jerry Brown has unveiled his proposed state budget. One that he says strongly covers three important areas…

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California has a financial surplus for the first time in several years, and Brown says his proposal keeps that surplus in check…

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Brown will now have to work with the legislature to get his spending proposal approved. The governor made his presentation in Sacramento this morning (Thursday), a day earlier than originally planned. He moved up his announcement because some of his budget details were leaked to the media.

State Senator Jim Nielsen represents western Nevada County and is also now the Republican Budget Committee Vice Chair…

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The state got additional education funding when voters passed Proposition 30 in 2012, which Nielsen says helped create the financial windfall…

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Nielsen says Brown’s budget also includes funding high speed rail, something he says voters don’t want and can’t afford. A high speed rail bond measure passed in 2008, but costs have risen significantly since then.

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