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Governor Releases Proposed School Funding Information

The Governor’s Office has a new formula for funding schools in California and Nevada County School Districts will benefit- but not as much as urban schools. If the proposed budget is adopted, most Nevada County school districts will receive¬† $70 dollars to $150 dollars per student more than they received this year.

High School District Assistant Superintendent, Karen Suenram, says the high school district increase looks better on paper than it does in actuality.

Click here to listen to Asst. Superintendent Karen Suenram

This year, Nevada Joint Union High School District received approximately $7160 per student including Categorical Programs. Next year the amount would increase to $7320.

Click here to listen to Asst. Superintendent Karen Suenram

The largest elementary school district, Pleasant Ridge School District, would increase by $150 per student. Grass Valley School District would increase by only 70 dollars per student.

In the new formula, districts with high Free and Reduced Price Lunch eligibility, large numbers of English language learners, and foster youth receive more funding.  All districts in Nevada County have insignificant numbers of English learners and only Grass Valley, Ready Springs, Twin Ridges districts and several charter schools have more than 50% students eligible for free and reduced lunch.

Districts in mostly urban areas that have large numbers of EL students and free and reduced lunch participants benefit most from the new formula.
The proposed funding amounts are subject to the state budget adoption which will ideally occur in June.

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