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Grand Jury Report on GV School Pension Spiking

A new report out by the Nevada county Civil Grand Jury  looks into possible Pension Spiking at Grass Valley Unified School District. The  Grand Jury received a citizen’s complaint regarding salary increases given to the former superintendent and his administrative assistant. The  Grand Jury finds   the former superintendent   received a salary increase which was not authorized by his employment contract and another salary increase which was not approved by the Board of Trustees and finds  that the superintendent’s unauthorized salary increases should not have been included in the calculations of his retirement compensation. The Grand Jury concludes this has resulted in the former superintendent receiving retirement benefits to which he is not entitled and increased retirement fund liabilities to the Grass Valley School District.

Regarding the administrative Assistant position the Grand Jury found  the Board of Trustees failed to exercise financial responsibility when it promoted an administrative assistant, with an accompanying salary increase, retroactive for one year, one week prior to the employee’s retirement date.The Nevada County Grand Jury further recommends that the Board of Trustees ensure that future salary increases do not give the appearance of “pension spiking.” The Grass Valley School District has until September 4 to respond to the Grand Jury report.

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