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Grand Jury Reports on Charter Schools

The Nevada County 2012-13 Civil Grand jury is out with a new report….this one looks at the 14 charter schools in Western Nevada County.  The Report says even after several decades in existence, charter schools still remain a mystery to many in California, including here in Nevada County. Many individuals are not aware that charter schools are public schools. Charter schools have been freed of many requirements and regulations. In return for more flexible scholastic requirements, charter schools are expected to achieve specific academic results within three to five years.

The purpose of the report is two fold:

  1. to clarify confusion surrounding the purpose, structure, and funding of the county’s charter schools
  2. and to provide the local public with basic information about each specific charter school highlighting the similarities and differences between the sites

The Grand Jury says, using this information on charter schools, the public can better understand what charter schools are and are not. Those families personally interested in charter schools will also gain a better understanding of each school and its offerings.  You may obtain a copy of the report at the website: www.nevadacountycourts.com

Click here for the “GRAND JURY REPORTS” link.

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