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Grand Jury Reports on Mine Water

A recent Nevada County Grand Jury report looks at Nevada County Water Quality and the impact of mine water on local water supplies. But Nevada County Board of Supervisors Chair, Nate Beason says the report failed to look thoroughly into the facts of one particular mine, the Lava Cap Mine.
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Beason says the Grand Jury failed to acknowledge the Federal Governemnts Involvement with clean up of the Lava Cap mine which should have been a major part of their investigation.
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In their Findings the Grand Jury states the Nevada County Planning Department and Department of Environmental Health failed in their responsibilities to monitor water quality in Nevada County due to a lack of coordination and communication and failure to follow through with mandated clean up orders. Another finding that Beason disagrees with.
Click here to listen to Nate Beason

The County will be preparing a response to the Grand Jury report which mus tbe completed by September 20th.


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