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Grand Jury- Some Grass Valley Schools Not Safe

Another report issued by the Nevada County Grand Jury. This one concludes that the Grass Valley School District has unsafe facilities. After receiving a complaint about the conditions of the facilities and the manner in which repairs had been made, the Grand Jury conducted site visits to Bell Hill Academy and Grass Valley Charter School and observed sub-standard conditions that they conclude, may have a direct effect on the health and welfare of all students, parents, staff and visitors. The Grand Jury reported finding the heating and air conditioning systems in each school are old, and under constant repair–harboring an environment for mold and mildew. Dangerous conditions are also present at the playground including rotted support beams, buildings with soil to wood or concrete contact, siding material compromised by water holes in siding allowing water intrusion to interior walls, and exposed electrical wires at ground level.

The Grass Valley School District Superintendent’s office issued a written response Tuesday morning stating concerns about questionable evidence and the Board nor District administration will comment until the formal response is submitted to the Grand Jury.
Calls to the Nevada County Superintendent’s Office and have not been returned. District officials have 60 days to issue a written response.

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