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Grant Benefits Penn Valley Heart Attack Victims

The people of Penn Valley will benefit from a donation that could save more lives. Penn Valley Fire Chief Gene Vanderplatz says the Rideout/Fremont Foundation has selected his department to receive two wireless EKG machines. The Chief says the equipment will allow paramedics to send the information on a heart attack victim directly to a hospital, allowing a diagnosis of the patient and treatment immediately.

“The machine itself will assess and diagnose EKG, plus we’ll send it to the hospital. But if the EKG says that there’s damage being done, there’s a blockage occurring as we speak, then we can go right to Rideout Hospital where they have a cardiac cath lab.”

The Chief says a local cardiologist Dr. George Broder is credited with bringing the lifesaving equipment to the Penn Valley area. The doctor had contacted Rideout/Fremont Foundation and the equipment was approved. The Chief says the paramedics will be trained in the next thirty days and the system will then be active. The system will allow doctors to prescribe medications or speed up surgery to save the patient’s life. The donated equipment is valued at over forty thousand dollars.

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