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Grass Valley and Nevada City Police to Work Together

Grass Valley and Nevada City agree to move forward with “shared’ police officers. After a relatively short discussion about revisions to the plan that was developed by Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster and Nevada City Police Chief Jim Wickham, the Nevada City City Council voted 5-0 to approve the plan.

The plan originally approved by Grass Valley City Council in early June, was temporarily held up as Nevada City City Council members were concerned that Nevada City would lose patrol coverage between the hours of 3AM and 7AM Monday through Friday mornings. Chief Jim Wickham says the primary difference between the early June proposal and the current proposal was clarification of patrol coverage and response times.
Click here to listen to Nevada City Police Chief Jim Wickham

One question from Nevada City City Council member Terry Anderson was that the agreement was different than what Grass Valley City Council had approved. Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller says he believes that Chief Foster and Chief Wickham worked together to revise the plan to satisfactorily meet the needs of both city councils.
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In the agreement, Grass valley Police officers will include Nevada City in their patrol from 3AM to 7AM Monday through Friday. In return, Nevada City will provide an officer during regular business hours Monday through Friday to participate and train as a detective in order to assist both cities with criminal investigation. The approved proposal is scheduled to go into effect Monday July 1.

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