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Grass Valley Begins City Manager Process

Grass Valley has taken the first step toward changing their form of government. The city council has directed its staff to begin the process of having a city manager instead of a city administrator. Mayor Dan Miller says most cities are using the City Manager model…

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A city manager has more power than a city administrator, and is also more directly responsible for the city’s finances. The proper paperwork is being drawn up, and City Attorney Michael Colantuono says staff will come back to the City Council at their next meeting with several things to act on…

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City officials are making the move in part because of state employees retirement regulations. With the departure of City Administrator Dan Holler, Jeff Fultz couldn’t be hired as an interim City Administrator because he had held that position previously. Fultz, though, would be eligible to be hired as interim City Manager, and is expected to be appointed to that position.
In other city council news: Because the City of Grass Valley has suspended what they call non-essential spending, the police chief has been denied a couple of requests. The City Council has postponed approval of three new police vehicles until the October 8 meeting, even though the vehicles would be paid for with Measure N money, and not out of the general fund. John Foster was also denied permission to attend an annual police chief’s conference. The trip to Philadelphia would be paid for with grant money, but Foster would still technically be on the clock, earning his salary. Council members feel that sends the wrong message while the city is trying to reel in spending.

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