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Grass Valley City Council Approves Panhandling Ordinance

The Grass Valley City council voted unanimously to pass a panhandling ordinance at last nights city council meeting. According to Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster, panhandlers have rights but limiting their activity from citizens who are what Foster Calls a captive audience is the goal of amending the municipal code.

Chief Foster on Panhandling 1

Chief Foster says the number of complaints regarding panhandling in Grass Valley in the Brunswick basin, out side Kmart and the Neil Street Safeway and other downtown locations have more than doubled since 2009.

Chief Foster on Panhandling 2

The Grass Valley city council was asked to add to city ordinance the prohibition against intrusive and unsafe panhandling to the Grass Valley municipal code. The ordinance will need a 2nd reading and then 30 day publication before going into effect.

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