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Grass Valley Downtown Association and Chamber Discuss Plastic Bags

Plastic bags and banning single use bags are a hot topic all around Nevada County. In Truckee they have already adopted an ordinance, Nevada City has a draft ordinance, Grass Valley is gathering information, and Nevada County Supervisors are exploring the issue as well. At an informational meeting at the end of February hosted by the Grass Valley Downtown Association, Executive Director Julia Jordan says merchants and county representatives gathered to discuss the issue.
Click here to listen to Julia Jordan

One idea that is incorporated into many ordinances around the state is to charge customers 10 cents a bag to try and persuade them to bring their own re-usable bags. However, that suggestion does not sit well with many merchants.
Click here to listen to Julia Jordan

The environmental issue with single use plastic bags is that they end up in oceans and other natural settings, present danger to animals, and introduce unnatural elements into sensitive ecosystems.

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