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Grass Valley FD Plots its Next Move

The Grass Valley and Nevada City Fire Departments are plotting their next move, after they thought they were close to an agreement to share a chief with the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District. One week after an August 14 meeting where a shared administrative proposal was made in front of representatives from all three agencies, Nevada County Consolidated ended up appointing their own chief. Grass Valley Interim Chief Mark Button says they’re not sure yet what will happen next…

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Buttron says his department did not see Nevada County Consoliated’s move coming…

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The three agencies, and several smaller fire departments share what they call a J-O-A, or Joint Operation Agreement, which brings the closest responder to a fire or other emergency regardless of agency. Buttron says that agreement is still in place, and a shared administrative services proposal has nothing to do with the J-O-A.

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