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Grass Valley Fire and Police Departments Appreciate Voters

Grass Valley Police and Fire Department Officials were humble as they thanked the city residents for supporting Measure N which will provide needed funds for both departments as a result of a half-cent sales tax within city limits. Fire Chief Tony Clarabut.

Click here to listen to Chief Tony Clarabut

Clarabut says that personnel and equipment replacement as well as developing a reserve are the priorities for his Department.
Public Information Officer Captain Rex Marks echoed the fire departments appreciation to the voters.

Click here to listen to Captain Rex Marks

Captain Marks stated that funds will be used to replace personnel that had been reduced as a result of funding cuts over recent years.

Merchants will be notified by the State Board of Equalization on April 1. 2013 that the sales tax has been adjusted.
Timelines for each departments’ projects will be based on receiving funds later in the year.

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