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Grass Valley Gets Grant for Plan to Clean-Up S. Auburn Property

The city of Grass Valley has received a $200 thousand dollar grant from the Environmental Protection Agency. City Administrator Dan Hollar confirmed of the over $69 million dollars in grant funds from the EPA  to communities to fund environmental clean-up projects, Grass Valley is only one of 4 cities in California to receive the award.  Holler says the city of Grass Valley was awarded $200,000 to complete a site assessment and clean-up plan for the Village at S. Auburn property near the Empire Mine site where heavy levels of arsenic have been detected.

EPA Grant for GV

The property owner will then need to implement the plan as the the grant does not do the clean-up, but will get the State, owner, EPA all on the same page on an “approved” plan for the site. The site had a proposal for a mixed use project of housing and office/commercial.

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