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Grass Valley has Tentative Agreement with Police Unions

The City of Grass Valley is close to ratifying a new 3-year contract with labor Units 6 and 7,  the police officers and police management units. City Administrator Dan Holler says the city and the Union representatives will meet in closed session tonight prior to the council meeting before ratification the contract.


“We have a tentative agreement; we’ll touch base with it in a closed session this evening to make sure we don’t have anything outstanding on it. But the tentative agreement is for a 3-year contract to be effective April 1. So it allows for a small amount of saving for the current year, from employees paying more of their Cal-Pers and their medical costs and then a continuation for and in increasing scale over the next 3 years for employees taking on more of those costs. Next budget year we have a saving projection of about 70 thousand dollars”


Holler says the new contract is to take effect April 1st, saving the city about 8 thousand dollars between now and the end of June when the current contract would have expired. With this phase of labor negotiations completed the city will begin negotiations with Unit 8 which is the fire department employees. The Grass Valley City council will meet in open session this evening in council chambers at city hall in the lower level at 125 East Main Street in Grass Valley.

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